7th Grade P.S. 80

favicon 7th Grade P.S. 80

Screenshot-2018-05-14-11.26.21 7th Grade P.S. 80

What’s amazing is that I remember just about every kid in this class.  I had a crush on the teacher (Miss Savitz?).  The girl sitting next to me usually wore thick glasses and was the class nerd, tho I don’t think the word existed yet.  Third from the left in the third row up: Mitch (class president).  On the left side of Miss Savitz was Robin – she was one of the most popular girls.  Right behind her, Helen, who was sharp as a whip.

I was the typical lost teen in that class.  Girls scared me.  And some of the boys scared me as well.  In fact, the only one who couldn’t scare me who I pitited was Dick.  Class of June ’66.  Which would make me 15 yo.  But it was P.S. 80 for two years and then DeWitt Clinton (4 years I’d rather forget).

I don’t think I’ll name them all, but honestly I remember them all.  Now can you find me?

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