2nd Chuck Close Self Portrait

I actually did this one as a “giga” photo.  Handheld, I was able to take five or six shots; and then “stitch” ’em together.

I didn’t know his work at all before seeing his mosaic murals at the 86th street Q line station.  I’m lucky, because one entrance is on 2nd avenue and 83rd street, right across the street from me.

So I get to see these whenever I’m in the mood.  I love subway art.  Guessing I’m not the only one.  It’s about the only public space where you can see interesting pieces, and not have a guard breathing down your neck if you get too close (no pun intended).

I feel the same way about photographing sports, for example.  I’d much rather photograph a softball game where I can wander around wherever I want (not on the field tho!) and not worry about anything.  Total access.

The last time I was at Citifield (Shea stadium redeux) I had a DSLR with a longish lens.  Nothing like the million mm lenses the real sports photographers all use; but maybe it was a cheap 300mm zoom.  So they ask me if I’m a professional photographer.  I say no.  They say I can’t photograph with that long lens (and I had great seats).

So I put the lens away and put a wide angle on.  They said that was okay.

I asked them how they even saw me, and they said they got the word from a security booth that watches the crowds.

So, give me the subway to shoot art in.  Anytime.


Your thoughts?