Self Portrait With Blue Cane

  I still need the cane to get up the two flights of stairs to my apartment, and for getting up and down.  This all goes back to a bad Crohn’s flareup a few months ago.  Crohn’s can effect your joints, and in my case I was on Predisone which can also wreck havoc with […]

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Early Lessons

We lived in a roach infested apartment on University Avenue, near what we called “The Projects” as if there were only on projects.  I was about ten years old.  Maybe younger.  And was home in the afternoon (probably playing at being sick) when the doorbell rings.  Mom goes to answer it. I follow her like […]

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Apollo Theater

Had an assignment to get the marquee of the Apollo Monday night.  It was the first little thing I took on since I got sick with the Colitis/Crohn’s syndrome again, maybe a year ago.  I planned it pretty carefully since my legs are still weak, and I didn’t want to carry any extra equipment. So […]

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Little Mysteries

The city is always filled with little mysteries.  Just about anywhere you look, you can find wonderful and sometimes odd puzzles. At first this looks like a company or guy named Rick went around the city placing his sticker brand on emergency plugs. And who’s seat is this anyway. Do they sit there to guard […]

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Today and the last two years

Cross to bear Filed Away Street Shot Bottled water — the Wall Street area. Early ’90s.   Blizzard Crossing. Old man with walker crossing 86th street in middle of a blizzard. ca. 2005. From 35mm film.     Illness and the Photographer You see, many things went wrong at the same time.  People need (not […]

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Baby Kiss on Subway

baby kiss new york subway

This picture became more interesting to me when I noticed the woman had a plant she was holding, the kiss was the main reason, and then the yawn.  The baby is giving me the best look.  I’m sure I was on my way to do something – see a doctor – work on a photo […]

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History and Photographs

Pictures sometimes take on a new context – as the external world changes around them. In fact, what were once snapshots, given enough time, become archival material. Clues to our past. Well, anyway, one the earliest black and white photo books I can remember was The Family of Man.  In paperback.  And I thumbed through […]

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Reflections in a Golden Eye

Halloween Self Portrait

I don’t remember anything about the movie reflections in a golden eye, but dimly, figures come forth.  Liz Taylor playing a not very nice role. And Marlon Brando playing some sort of perverted soldier.  It was a well received movie when it came out… but that’s what I thought of with this “steampunk” if that’s […]

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Love on the 6 Train

Subway Couple

A pretty awful title, I think.  But a terribly sweet moment.  Now that the “blog” is starting to come together again, I suppose I should start posting in it again.  But I’m not in the posting mood.  So unless you come up with a better title, or some fascinating comment (not on FB), I’ll prepare […]

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News Withdrawal


I cut the cable plug (yet again) because the only two channels I got it for SNY (Mets) and some important news channels.  I wanted to know the instant that the latest corrupt official had offered his resignation.  I was enthralled by excerpts from the book about Trump, event where he explains how he manages […]

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MoMA Multiverse

MoMA Exhibit

  Yes, it’s a weakness of mine.  I don’t much like looking at photographs in a museum.  Never have.  I find the onlookers way more interesting.  I don’t feel the same about paintings.  I love to sit in front of painting and study the composition, or coloring, or paint strokes etc.  I usually know something […]

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Public Enemy

To those who say it doesn’t make a difference which party you vote for – you were wrong.  Can you admit that? I didn’t think so. For those who voted for third party candidates. You were wrong, can you see that? For those who are blaming Trump, don’t blame Trump, look in the mirror instead. […]

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This Time Tomorrow Kinks

Kinks Tattoo

The Kinks on the 6 train.  One of my fav. songs by the Kinks.   “This Time Tomorrow” This time tomorrow where will we be On a spaceship somewhere, sailing across an empty sea This time tomorrow what will we know Will we still be here, watching an in-flight movie show I’ll leave the sun […]

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Death of a Sparrow

Everything that lives, dies.  That to me is a given.  Or is it everything that lives poops.  I heard a famous scientist say that.  Well both are true I suppose, but I’m not sure if that last factoid pertains to vegetation as well.  And some of those trees in California seem to never kick the […]

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About NYC Photos

Welcome!   Classic black and white New York City photography.  Photographs of New York City’s major landmarks include the Empire State Building, Flatiron Building, Bridges, many photographs of Central Park, and  many out-of-the-way places and scenes from years of exploring NYC.  For fine art prints and a larger selection of images, visit the PRINT STORE.

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