About Digital Silver Prints v. Inkjets

All the black and white prints on this site are produced at Digital Silver Imaging (in Boston).

The DSI Digital Silver Print

The fusion of modern digital technology and true silver gelatin fiber printing. We use a Lightjet 430 photographic laser printer that exposes Ilford silver gelatin papers. The RGB tri-color laser produces continuous tones and your print is processed in traditional Ilford black and white photo chemistry in our one-of-a-kind 50″ processor for a completely neutral image tone, without color cast, and proven archival superiority.

Custom Black & White Printing Services

We use a collaborative approach, working with you to achieve optimal quality from your digital file or scan. Custom printing is ideal for the photographer who wants more time behind the camera shooting and less time in front of the computer tweaking files. Custom printing includes basic:

  • Thorough file inspection by our technicians
  • Cropping and resizing as requested
  • Prints 16×20 and larger include a proof print at no additional charge
  • Additional file manipulation available for an additional charge
  • Chemical sepia and selenium toning available
  • Turn around 7-10 business days


    • True silver gelatin baryta based paper, 310gsm
    • Glossy fiber surface (this paper has less gloss than gloss inkjet or RA4 papers)
    • White paper base with warmer image tones
    • Processed in liquid chemistry to archival standards
    • Ideal for exhibitions, portfolios and fine art prints
    • Superior silver content for richer tones and shadow detail

The Photograph Collectors (Silver Prints and signings)

Right now, these shipments are to the U.S. only.  There is a set $25 shipping charge for anywhere in the U.S.  Normally prints will have 1/4 inch white border.  If you want the print to be signed, I will get in touch with you about that.  It will cost extra, because it will be shipped first to me.  Then I will sign the border and re-ship to you.  But that signing business is tricky to charge for.  I don’t know how many prints that need to be signed.  If it’s a large order, I may travel to Boston, sign the prints and let them ship from Boston.

In other words, let me know if you want the prints to be signed and we’ll talk about the best way.  If you are in New York and would like the print signed, I’m happy to meet when convenient to meet you with the print and sign it.

Inkjet Prints and International Shipping

I have a separate site with Fine Art America for producing premium inkjet prints.  These are pigment based prints with Ultrachrome Epson print and will be shipped directly to you – worldwide.  One reason that Fine Art America (FAA) is being used for inkjet and international prints is that they have factories all over the world.  At this writing, they have 14 international production facilities.

So the benefit, for example, is suppose you live in England and want to order a few prints.  They have my high resolution file.  They have a production facility in England, and so the turnaround is fast, and you skip the international shipping costs and VAT.  Obviously I wouldn’t use them if the quality wasn’t top notch.  So for prints for a more decorative purpose, and especially international orders, you’ll get a less expensive print price, inexpensive shipping, and faster turnaround.  The Digital Silver Imaging option is really for high end collectors, gallery shows and those who want darkroom prints.



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