Eyes Closed

I went to Facebook for mostly financial reasons.  It seemed like the best place to display my wares and meet a new audience.  The funny (ironic) thing is, that when I sit in front of the computer and type (as I’m doing now obviously) into (or is it onto) a nice clean page (not a real paper page, but you get the idea),  and I really don’t even know where it will go, or where it won’t go.  I close my eyes when I type; usually.

I learned to touch type from a BOOK.  I was living in the East Village, and as usual I was dead poor broke.  How old was I?  About 35.  I had no skills and lots of skills.  But I couldn’t do anything with them.

[Background: by that point in my life I had graduated College with a Philosophy Degree (very useful in life but not to make a living); I had attended 1.5 years of NYU Grad Film School on E. 7th street.  My bank account had been frozen for non-payment of the student loans I needed for tuition at NYU.  And now we’re going back to when I entered NYU Grad in 1979.  Yes, I was in the same section as Spike Lee and a few other well known filmmakers that came out of that class. ]

I’m circling around the point, which is that after trying just about everything to become an independent creative person; I was just about bankrupt.  So, around the time that most people I knew were settling down, getting married; raising families; dying of drug overdoses; sick with something or other.  All of this is prepping for the fact that I went into the Bookstore on St. Marks place and found a book called, LEARN TO TOUCH TYPE IN N DAYS.  Something like that.

So then I practiced touch typing day after day until I could comfortably type (this is on a typewriter I think?) yeah, an old Remington.  In retrospect, I see that there are two qualities I have that have lead to my ultimate artistic if not financial success: 1) Not taking advice from anyone and 2) an amazing ability to do repetitive and ultimately mindless tasks.

I like to think about an audience out there when I write.  Isn’t that strange?  I can picture a theatrical audience; all sitting together in a movie theater; reading this post on their phones while waiting for the movie to start.  What do they want?  The desire for entertainment and knowledge – just as strong as it used to be.

Alright, I don’t want to make these posts too long.  They obviously dither around and don’t ever seem to get to the point I had in mind when I sat down; if I had a point at all.

I could never picture the audience on FB.  And there were all these interruptions.  Jeez.

You need the LIKES to give you your morning thrill.  You need followers.  Come on. FB is no place to enter your own world and try and imagine some story you want to tell; just to see yourself where it goes.  Right now, as I get back to writing – I have a pretty good idea of what works for me.  It’s usually one line running around in my head that deserves some veggies and potatoes around it.  A very delicate idea, barely formed, sitting on a white plate (it might be a paper plate) and the idea, the line needs some build up.  Somewhere to go.

The idea for this second post is and was to try and describe the difference between sitting at a computer in your own world, writing… dreaming… playing with ideas… and posting on Social Media.  And it came down to the idea that I can sit at my own computer, in my own bit of the web, with nothing visual bugging me on the sides or top of the screen; and close my eyes, and imagine my super friendly, super intelligent and somewhat off beat audience (like myself).

* * * END PART A * * *


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