What’s Goin’ On

Film won’t die.  But it is obviously dead.   Crafts don’t ever die completely.  You can still find purveyors of the best Buggy Whips in the country if you search the Google Engine (which I love so much).  Oh Google, won’t you have pity on my trials and tribulations and let me go super nova viral…

That wasn’t how I meant to start this post.  I don’t want to talk about film vs. digital or anything like that.  That’s also a discussion that should’ve been buried along with what’s the best camera and how do you shoot like a pro.

No, what I meant to start off with was an imaginary image of a guy walking down a street in a western town.  He’s walking down a street that could be in Bonanza, or The Rifleman.  The scene, of course in my imagination is in black and white.  It’s a cheaper version of 12:00 High.  We didn’t get Gary Cooper in my imagination, we got a B Movie guy.

Maybe Ray Milland in his 60s. But he’s not a gunslinger.  He’s an old photographer.  Maybe we get into Sergio Leone close up territory with a camera that’s strapped to his wrist.  You know, street shooter style.  As he walks off towards the edge of the phony western town it begins to change.

Slowly, modern characters appear.  The smart phone stores are replacing the General Store.  The old towny town turns into today.  That was the feeling I’ve had lately.  In my dream.


Here is the first time (as far as I know) that my web site was mentioned in print (actual magazine).  2001.  First issue of Black and White Photography magazine.

2001 Black and White Photography Magazine First Issue

2001 Black and White Photography Magazine First Issue