Camera Addict

Hi. My name is Dave B. I am a cameraholic. I know where it began — it was over 40 years ago. It was really my older cousin who introduced me to it. He was in the Peace Corps. and he made a stop in Japan where they were making some very fine cameras – … Read more

In the Neighborhood

On a tree, I noticed a memorial for a woman I barely knew.  She was my age and lived with two small white poodles.  A few years ago when Lester and I were looking for a singer, I approached R. because she had mentioned that she had once been a professional singer.  I couldn’t picture … Read more

Backstory Poets Walk

Framed Poets Walk Print

Gold custom made frame for Poets Walk Central Park

In 1993 (give or take a few years) I was walking through Central Park when I first saw Poet’s Walk (above).  I was brought up in the Bronx, and although I had lived in Manhattan for a decade, I had never seen this part of the park.  I didn’t know what it was called, so I called it Promenade and for years that was the name of the print.

At any rate, it was early winter.  At that time, Poet’s Walk (sometimes called Literary Walk) was paved.  On the day I first saw it I simply told myself that I would need to come back and photograph it when the weather was better.  I rarely photograph in harsh sunlight, at least for scenics, if I can help it.  It was just a place that I filed away as worth revisiting.

At that time I was younger and stronger and was shooting with a large metal 4 x 5 view camera.  It was a big deal to get out into the field with this thing.  You’d need to carry a bunch of film loaders (that you’d pre-load) and a changing bag, and a heavy-duty tripod, and I was using a spot light meter and three lenses.  This was a smaller version of the type of rig that Ansel Adams used in his prime until he moved to medium format.  He was asked what camera he was using and would say, the heaviest he could carry.

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Bring A Friend Along

One of the scariest things for the beginning street photographer is – yes you guessed it – photographing strangers.  Whether they are walking alone towards you on an empty street, or even in the relative comfort of a crowd – many photographers are afraid to put the camera to their eye, aim it at what … Read more

Falafel Guy on 86th

I have to admit, that sometimes I do get sick and tired of photographing in New York.  Tonight, for example, I’m walking around just looking at things that might be interesting in terms of light and shadow and I stoop to take a shot of a silvery falafel stand.  It’s true, I’m aware at the … Read more

Pre Focus Exercise

Simple exercise. Ask a friend to drop things (in this case a leaf) and practice trying to catch it. You’ll want to use a high shutter speed, at least 1/1000th of a second, and to make the game harder, a narrow depth of field, maybe even wide open (f1.4). You’ll have to pre-focus and lock … Read more