New York City Photography: What it feels like after photographing it for over 25 years.

New York City Photography is like the adage: you can’t step in the same river twice.  And New York City has always had that feeling of a fast-moving stream.    New Yorkers move around so quickly.  They walk faster than the tourist.  No,  you can’t take the same shot twice.  Not the exact same shot.

Whether you are photographing in Central ParkBrooklyn, or Manhattan, you will always see something else.  One of my friends says that as long as he can coax me from my house – I’ll find something interesting to shoot.

Many of these New York photographs have found a place in private collections, institutions, and homes around the world.  It seems like yesterday, that I was shooting these; but honestly many are now 25 years old.

Fine art prints are available in my Photography Store.  They are high quality, and produced from the same high resolution files I used to print from.  You can order them matted, framed and shipped to you from 14 fulfilment centers throughout the world.  Giga Prints are also available.  If there’s something you can’t find – ask me.

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