New York City Photography by Dave Beckerman

About Dave Beckerman’s Photographs

Dave’s New York City fine art prints are featured in galleries, collections, hotels and homes around the globe.  These prints are available at reasonable prices in the NYC Photography Store. They can be matted, framed and shipped to you from 14 fulfilment centers throughout the world.  Most prints will arrive (in Europe) within 3 – 5 days.

You can search for NYC prints by location (uptown, downtown, borough etc.) or by media tag, for example: black and white. You’ll find a classic photographs of New York City by Beckerman.

I wanted to let you know that my brother loved the prints (Poet’s Walk and Subway Car). I gave them to him as a Christmas present. I also wanted you to know that your service was impeccable – thank you. K.C. (New York)

  • Bethesda Angel in Snow - Visit Bethesda Fountain in Store
  • Poets Walk Central Park Poets Walk – Central Park Photography - Central Park Photography by Dave Beckerman View Poets Walk in the Print Store Poet’s Walk. Central Park Photography, circa 1994. Shot with a large-format view camera during a freezing rain. This remains the most popular print I sell.

Frankly, I almost didn’t take this photograph because it was so cold and the film holders were getting ... [Read more...]
  • Poets Walk Central Park Poets Walk Winter - This was done in December, 2004. Same location as “Poet’s Walk Print” but with yes – a digital camera and a long lens to give the sense of compression. Dave, Wow! It just arrived today. It is even more beautiful than I remembered from the website. Just gave it to my husband and we are ... [Read more...]
  • Skating Rink B+W - Photo Tips: If you are going to photograph the rink at night, you’ll need a tripod. Wollman Skating Rink is probably the favorite place to go ice-skating in Manhattan. Wollman Skating Rink, Central Park, Night. This photo won FIRST PRIZE in the 2008 Central Park Winter Photo Contest. It was a pretty big contest with ... [Read more...]
  • Poets Walk Reflection Benches Reflection - Reflection in a very smooth frozen puddle, in Poet’s Walk Central Park. View this beautiful print in the Photo Store.