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Central Park Photos

Central Park Photography

When I first moved  into Manhattan from the Bronx, I approached Central Park with the eyes of a tourist. It was all new to me. I remember walking down Poet’s Walk for the first time (without camera) and saying, I have to return on the right day and drag out the large format camera.

This lead to decades of Central Park photos.

Included: Literary Walk (the Mall), The Great Lawn, and most of the famous Central Park landmarks.  The park has always been a refuge from the pace of Manhattan.

Most of these photographs are from black and white film; but I also experimented with impressionist color infrared work later on in the “digital age.”

Benches Central Park

Benches in Snow

Central Park Lake

Central Park Lake IR

Poets Walk - Central Park

Poets Walk – Central Park

Bethesda Angel in Snow

Poets Walk Winter

Central Park Skating Rink

Central Park Skating Rink

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