The World Impinges

But the irony of Jeff Sessions’ statement and the predilection of white people for justifying white supremacy with a Bible verse is the fact that Paul was beheaded because he wouldn’t conform to the beliefs of the government.

The apostle Paul was executed by Nero, a crazy emperor known for his extravagance, public outbursts and fiddling like a fool while the place he ruled went down in flames.

There will be posts about what’s going on in the world. Everything isn’t photography. I tried to say, many years ago, that photographs seem to be of objective things, and that they show the truth. They can. But really, photographs are pictures of your own soul, if they’re any good. You choose what is worth photographing. You choose what to include in the rectangle. And at some point, you have a few thousand photographs and you decide which ones to show (if any).

So what I’m saying, is that going forward, I will try to stay out of politics – but I won’t be able to. You’ll see the person behind the pictures as well as the pictures.

Another shot taken on my way to work. For days I had the Contax G2 hanging around my neck and had not taken a single picture. As I turned a corner, I noticed this mom trying to kiss her kid through the railing. Shot from the hip without looking through viewfinder. I walked the rest of the way to work fairly certain that I had something good on that roll.
circa 1990s

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