Black and White Photography

Over 400 black and white photographs of New York City by award-winning photographer Dave Beckerman.   These images are available in the Photography Store. His work has been seen in magazines, books, and hundreds of installations around the world.  You will find his black and white prints in the Hilton Millenium Hotel and the Park Plaza Hotel.  In restaurants and corporate board rooms.   Welcome. Feel free to explore original gallery-quality black & white photos of New York.

Black and White Photography of New York

Under the Manhattan Bridge

New York Photography - Central Park

Poets Walk (The Mall) Central Park, 1993

A Few Installations

Millenium Hilton Hotel (300 plus rooms)

millenium hotel 2

Beckerman on Black and White Photography

I was born in New York City during the 1950s. Black and white photos were normal. Newspapers and tv: b&w.  Television (if you had one) was  black and white.  Family scrapbooks: faded monochrome. Later, as a teenager, the posters on the wall were black and white.  Simply put, the world, especially cities were monochromatic.  To this day, color photography and even color movies seem less real to me than black and white.

I had my own darkroom when I was 14 years old and began like most photographers in the 1960s developing film and doing my own printing. There was no forewarning that one day this process would be considered old-fashioned. And for forty years (more or less) I only photographed in black and white. Truly. I did not put color film into the camera.  More about B&W Photography

Framed Poets Walk (Central Park Mall)

Framed Poets Walk Print

Gold custom made frame for Poets Walk Central Park

 You will find about 400 black and white prints of New York City by Dave in the Photography Shop.