New York City Photography in Black and White

New York SummerBlack & White New York Photography

This site includes black and white New York City Photography.  And a few color prints. Major landmarks like the Empire State Building, Flatiron Building, Bridges, many photographs of Central Park, through the last three decades in b&w photos.  For fine art prints and a larger selection of images, visit the PRINT STORE.  The fine art store has been online since Dec. 1999.

New York Photo Blog

This New York photo blog went live in December 1999. That is a very long time in digital film time. The idea of the blog was to try and write about the life of the photographer in fairly real time. Like any journal, it went blank at times, but I’m back at it again. Subscribe to the Blog if you want an email when new blog posts go up.


Poets Walk Winter
Central Park Photography

Roughly 30 years of photography of Central Park in Black and White.  From view camera days to whatever digital is up to these days.  Photos include Poets Walk, Bethesda Plaza and most Central Park landmarks.


New York Street Photography

I’m sure I could have found a shot that invoked classical street photography better, but this also attracts me.  Who says street photos don’t sell.  This was licensed to a ‘blinds’ manufacturer.


Interior Large SubwayNew York Subway Photography


Photography with a large view camera on a tripod. Back in the film days. Produced a 4 x 5 inch negative.

Ten seconds later, the train filled with people, and I hurried off. The police are not crazy about photographers with tripods in the subway, much less view cameras. Anyway – if you like detail in your prints – let’s just say that you can easily read the phone number in the ad at the end of the car. One of those prints that I’d say works best at a very large size.


Back in 1993 when I visited Paris several times,  I spent most of my time photographing children playing in the parks.  In those days, nobody really thought anything about a stranger taking pictures in the park.  Certainly Paris was one of the homes for street photography from the very beginning.  Now, I’m not even sure if it’s legal anymore.